The Greville Arms Hotel Mullingar is one of the few surviving Irish hotels known to Joyce and mentioned by him in his writings. In Stephen Hero, we discover Stephen Daedalys, Joyce pompous young undergraduate: Garvey, the reposter from the Exmainer,and Nash a friend of Stephen, a Dublin man who apprenticed to a druggist in Mullingar, seated in the Greville Arms Hotel chaffing a barmaid who was indulging in flirthy gossipy conversations with the young man.In Ulysses Joyce has Milly Bloom working in a photographers shop in Mullingar where, according to one of her letters to her parents back in Dublin, she was getting on like a house on fire. In another letter she tells of a proposed picnic on Lough Oweland coming concert in the Greville Arms Hotel and of the young student she has met whose cousins are big swells. Many other refernces to Mullingar and epiphanies relating to incidents there survive as reminder of the Joyce family visit to the Midland capital in the Summer of 1900-1901 

With such a strong connection with James Joyce it is only fitting that we have a life size wax work of James Joyce located in our Ulysses Pub.